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Mentoring Perth College students 2014

World Class Chef and Chocolatier -Willie Pike MBE  and Masterbaker Melanie Andrews

Scottish Baking Awards 2014

Scottish Food Writer,Novelist and Masterchef winner- Sue Lawrence and Masterbaker Melanie Andrews

Scottish Baking Awards Judges 2013

Mark Greenaway BBC Great British menu and Restaurateur , Lady Claire Macdonald OBE Award Winning Cook and  Novelist and Masterbaker Melanie Andrews

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Scottish Baking Awards

Here at the Scottish Baking Awards we are so privelaged to visit the very best Bakers in Scotland . Artisan and Home bakers including small businesses ,no matter how remote, are always included in our visits. By operating our credible Awards System this way , we get to visit the most talented people in the land. If distance , money or time is an issue , dont fret as we will come to you . We make it our aim to get the true and talented bakers known in Scotland , no matter how many hoops we have to jump through to do it. This is because Baking is our passion too , not monetery gain or celebrity status but just pure honest passion for what we do. You  are not industry or commercially mass produced bakers and the proof of that pudding is in the eating . Here is to to the 6th Scottish Baking Awards in 2015 - Who will be the best of the Best this year ?

Here in Scotland we have the most magnificent Scenery ,Cuisine and people, and it is not until you have travelled extensively all over the world, that you realise how special a place Scotland really is . At http://www.visitscotland.com/about/food-drink/chefs/ you can now find out all you need to know about what makes this tiny little country of ours  great . Visit Scotland website is a great place to research everything including all things Food and Drink and i am proud to say they are not just concentrating on the brilliance of our Chefs in this country but also our Bakers. Baking in Scotland is a huge passion and is taken very seriously indeed . I am really glad to see groundbreaking advertising by our countries Tourism body to promote this increasingly popular hobby and profession . Here, here to noticing what is big and rolling fast in this world - Visit Scotland.

People often ask me what the difference is between The Scottish Baking Awards and the 100 year old  Member/Trade organisation that is " SAMB" ( Scottish Bakers).  I always feel quite proud in saying that since we started The Scottish Baking Awards in 2009 ,the "SAMB" (after a century long )  felt the need to change their name to Scottish Bakers in the same year .  

This tells me a few things - Firstly , There is a huge demand for Artisan type Bakers and small business people including Homebakers to be recognised in the world we live in. For too long we have always associated great bakers with big business and mass produced baking including supermarkets.  

With the massive success that shows like the " Great British Bake-Off and "Britains Best Bakery" have achieved, it has made every single one of us believe that we too can bake . This in turn has made us more discerning and more educated in the type of Cakes,Bakery produce we buy. Most people now know the difference between a mass produced product with a million different ingredients and a sell by date until 2 years from now !!

The massive rise in the Homebaker business that now supplies to bigger retail outlets is also on the up . This is great news for all as it improves the standard in this industry .

Secondly , we at the Scottish Baking Awards are not a Trade /Member organisation and therefore we can pick and choose freely who our Awardees will be, without the fear of offending any member that pays maybe £1000s of pounds a year in Membership.

We believe if we are including the entire length and breadth of Scotland in our Awards each year with no yearly cost to yourself that we are " Credible " .

Lets raise our glassess to the true ,talented ,small and not so small ,remote, Artisan Bakers in Scotland . Because we are now in the majority . Here's to 2015 !


In the next week or so we will be announcing the Brand new venue for this years 2015 Scottish Baking Awards . As most of you will know that are involved with this Awards scheme, last years venue just about held us all with a capacity crowd of nearly 300 people . This year we have to expand again and have a fantastic opportunity to make this years Awards bigger and better than ever before. If you have a love of baking , Have a premises, Bake from home or would like to enter one of our cake categories then this is the competition to enter. Scotland has fantastic bakers and the Scottish baking Awards are highlighting the best in the business year after year . You have to be in it to win it though so watch this space for details . You can book your Assessment now online at our homepage to hopefully gain one of our prestigious Scottish Baking Awards and then be in with a chance to be one of our finalists at the end of this year . See you all soon folks - wooden spoons at the ready !!

The new baking Recipes book - " Baking with Melanie " is now published and available at www.authorhouse.co.uk . You will soon be able to buy this in ebook on this website and at www.melanieandrews.co.uk and all online retailers including Amazon.

The great news is that The Scottish Baking Awards are creating for 2015 a third book-  " The Ultimate Baking Bible"

This book will heavily focus on all the Awardees in the last 5 years from The Scottish Baking Awards that have submitted recipes and will promote the premises /people themselves .

We are also requesting recipes from everybody else that has a great recipe and would like to promote it and themselves . All the recipes will be tried and tested by Melanie Andrews - Professional Chef/Masterbaker and Director of the Scottish Baking Awards.

If your recipe is sucessful it will be used for the book for a small charge of £40 (VAT included) .

We are aiming for at least 100 excellent and unique recipes to showcase the wealth of talent that we know exists here in Scotland .

The benefits to your business are massive , not only in the book once published but each recipe will be showcased on our Facebook,Twitter and social media each time we have a winner.

Where else can you get such inexpensive advertising for such a huge amount of publicity .

Come on whats keeping you , but be quick as we anticipate a huge response for this new book for 2015.

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact page on this website to send your recipe and pictures if you have any . Please send in Word document attachment .

Baking DVD

Melanies baking video
New for 2014 Melanie Andrews demonstrates step by step basic Baking Recipes.
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