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First of many School Bake-Offs for 2014

A fabulous and heart warming day at North East College Scotland today for the 1st in many Young student Bake-Offs . This was a class with a difference ! The students in this particular class have to overcome many challenges on a daily basis not least to attempt to enter into a Baking competition of our standards - but they did . This is all thanks to a dedicated and inspirational teacher by the name of David Paterson who inspires ,motivates and above all believes in his students.  We have picked 3 Finalists from Aberdeen College who will join our remaining 3 Finalists from each of our 6 entered Schools. So much is printed nowadays about the " Best " of this and the "Best " of that, but what about the ones that try and take part !! This is an inspirational class and a story we could all learn from. Glad to have experienced this 1st Bake-off today with 1st class students. In the words of one student today - Melanie its not about the winning ,but the taking part !!

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Please note that no refunds can be given for Cake entry fees ,Bake-off Fees or Assessment Fees paid.

The "Only" Baking Awards judged by Real Experts

These days with Awards for this and Awards for that we are slowly diluting the ones that really matter. At Scottish Baking Awards your Baking, Premises and Cakes are judged by the very best in the business . So if you want to know you are Excellent then let the REAL Judges tell you . This year at our Awards Ceremony in September The Novelty,SugarCraft and Chocolate Cakes have the very best in their field judges. Cecilia Young is the Chairman of the British Sugarcraft Guild and knows her stuff believe me . Sue Lawrence is regarded as The Queen of Cakes in Scotland and not only did she win Masterchef but has written many baking books and hundreds of TV appearances. Christina Conte- our wee touch of Hollywood has had her own Cake shop in Hollywood catering for the stars and still does to this day .Frederiecke and Ali Gower from  the truly ethical and organic "The Chocolate Tree " in our capital Edinburgh are quite simply the best Chocolatiers in Scotland. Not only do they grow their own beans but make their own Chocolate from Bean to Bar right here in Scotland. I myself will be judging the Novelty Cake section as i have over 42 years baking experience ,4 Tearooms to my name and several baking books published . Our " Formidable" team mean we are the Experts in Scotland and NOT Executives . We look forward to welcoming you on the 28th September at Mar Hall with many more surprises still to reveal.

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