The Aizle Coffee shop and restuarant ( Last Assessed 2011)

This seemed to be a very popular choice in the area for a good lunch and the Homebaking on offer was superb.The young staff were very friendly and helpful and could explain all the baking on display easily. A very busy shop and a few other outlets in the surrounding area make this place well worth a vist. The assessor didnt manage to sample any baking on offer this visit but felt on assessment worthy of our Award.

The Aizle ,
Ballat crossroads,
01360 440900

I personally assessed The Aizle this weekend 18/06/11and tried a few cakes which were not sampled at the previous assessors trip. I was disappointed with the quality of the Apple tart but the lemon drizzle was nice. I look forward to re-assessing next year

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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