AliBob @ Cairn O Mhor

Off to bonny Perthshire today and first on our list was - AliBob @ Cairn O Mhor . This Cafe is set within the rolling perthshire fields and within the well established Cairn o Mhor winery. On entering this winery you are greeted by an eccentricity and originality this is rarely seen these days . Absolutely unique wood carvings all over the grounds with beautiful brightly coloured, almost gaelic signage lets you know this is no ordinary Winery . This almost woodstock community feel, was intoxicating compared to the normal hum drum uniformity of every other premises and shop you see nowadays. Being the same as the "Crowd " is not what this amazing place is all about and wow the best was yet to come in the form of bubbly and most likeable chef/baker/ proprietor of Cairn o Mhor cafe- Ali . I was treated to the most amaxing Baking , such as light and airy Raspberry Cheesecake, Iced Gingerbread, Lemon and poppyseed cake and " The Steamin Scone" . Most of the scones are made with the winery fruit wines except the Cheese Scones. Whilst on the subject of Cheese Scones folks - Quite simply the Best Cheese scone i have ever eaten . The freegan Flapjack was exceptionally good also and the recipe was requested it was that good. Dairy free and Gluten free but devine. If you are looking for great food, great atmosphere, great Baking and great hosts with some time on your hands to take in this "Strange Scottish Winery " then look no further . I loved loved loved this place.