Casella and Polegato ( Last Assessed 2015)

My last Visit today was in Perth and onto a new Bakery in Town - Casella and Polegato . A real Italian feel to this partnership who have joined together to treat the perthshire folks to some Exceptional Breads . They make all their own bread on the premises with Slow fermentation "Mother dough " with all natural ingredients. They use no chemicals and use traditional recipes . The influence of Italian culture is evident in the bread being produced here and was quite simply excuisite. They also make Pizza slices and Foccaccia slices but my favourite was hands down - Montavana rolls ( I hope i have the correct spelling Max ? ) On seeing these for the first time i was not convinced i would enjoy them as much as the rest of the bread i was feasting on but my word this is truly exceptional bread - light as a feather , crusty exterior and the taste to die for

. The Chocolate Bread was truly exceptional along with absolutely everything else i greedily tasted. My memories of Bologna and Amalfi came flooding back and i could taste the Parma Ham and Mozzarella as if i was back in the Italian sunshine. Ah i digress and back to earth with a bump when Max the proud owner offers a Semolina Bread for me to taste - i love tasting different styles of breads and this was a must . I will haste me back Max very soon for your lovely breads once again.

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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