Cafe Circa ( Last Assessed 2015)

Todays visit was a lengthy one at The Scottish Antique and Arts Centre in Abernyte . This is an unassuming looking building from the outside - until you get inside and wow!! If you are a collecter of Antiques or Fine and Modern Art ,then this place will be right up your street . If you are planning a visit then set aside a day as you will be fed during your stay by the friendly , bright and airy - Cafe Circa inside this Centre. I have never seen quite so many Antiques in the one place in all my life . It was a great few hours and i wished i had more time to browse. Anyhow i digress - Cafe Circas is located inside The Scottish Antiques and Arts Centee and is a welcome break for most food , but my interest was Michelle and her Baked cakes . Michelle is the in-house Baker here at the Centre and she certainly takes a pride in her Bakes as she is constantly striving to creat different types of baking. This was proven by the samples i had to taste. For example i had a caramel shortcake which was excellent quite simply for the addition of caramac  chocolate swirled through two differnt types of chocolate . I also had a Carrot cake ( Michelles own recipe ) with a great invention of a crunchy brown sugar topping . When you are creative like this with traditional Baking it can be risky , but my experience with Michelles creativity was an extremely positive one. If you are looking for a great day out and would like some excellent food and even better baking in and around Perth/Dundee area then look no further folks . I will be back soon Michelle ( With more time to spare ) . Slainte .

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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