Hetties Tearoom Pitlochry ( Last Assessed 2015)

hettiesToday, on route to The Highlands for a few days, i had an Assessment in beautiful Pitlochry .

Pitlochry is not far from Perth and is a lovely tourist stop for a lot of reasons ,not least the best wee Tearoom for miles around. Hetties Tearoom is the brainchild of hard working mum Clare Pinchbeck . I know this Tearoom well and am constantly amazed at its constant evolving and keeping up with the new trends and tastes . Today was no different . On entering ,this Tearoom is packed to the brim with tourists and my table led me passed some wonderful cakes which i couldnt wait to sample. Manager Nicola introduced herself and promptly brought me every conceivable Cake,Biscuit,Scone and traybake in the shop - wow. !!!!

If its choice you want then look no further as Hetties has it all , even a wide range of  Gluten free cakes . I could not possibly list all the cakes i tried here as i have no room but i will mention the few that i thought were different and amazing. I am no lover of the humble Cupcake/Muffin as they are old hat and everyone now thinks they can bake if they can make a cupcake , but this Muffin was different  - A Chocolate Orange Muffin. Where do i begin . A deep orange colour and a strong orange flavour with not just standard chocolate chips which show no skill, but soft chocolate oozing out of the middle and top .

Crunchy chocolate pieces on the top and this is Brilliant. Loved it ! My next favourite ( and there were many believe me ) was the Coffee cake which was not only the best flavour of  coffee i have tasted in a coffee cake but expertly served with a shot of black espresso - genius !! The Dark black Chocolate cake was as moist as you could want in a chocolate cake ,and i was in heaven until i was brought the most beautiful cup and saucer ( Bone china old style ) and the best pouring teapot i have used in a tearoom.

Hettis have their own fine loose teas exclusively made for them and i have to say the difference is unbelievable . I can honestly say you can believe all the hype about this little quaint Tearoom in the middle of the Scottish countryside as its just fab !  See you again soon Clare and all the staff at Hetties.

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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