Ali Abercrombie @ Cairn o Mohr ( Last Assessed 2016)

 The 4th June 2016 was a stunniningly warm day in the Perthshire countryside and my Arrival at the quirky winery in Errol was met by floods of happy tourists visiting the Winery. I absolutely love this place and you could be forgiven for thinking you were in cornwall or devon especially when the sun shines as it did today .  This was my second visit to "Alibob" as the husband and wife team are affectionately known, and i was delighted to be back. Ali has a great menu using all local produce and this cafe is lovingly run with attention to personal detail at every turn. As i keep saying to those that listen , Everybody has jumped on the Homebaking bandwagon these days and everywhere you go people and premises are advertising Homebaked goods. Let me explain as best i can - Just because you are advertising homebaked goods does not mean it is better or excellent . Ali is the exception to this rule . The last time i visited Ali Abercrombie ("Baker Extraordinaire" ) her Cafe inside Cairn o Mohr winery was a new venture and she was a quite gifted baker then , but this visit tells me this lady is not just someone who bakes for a living but somebody who has a natural talent. Not only can Ali bake exceptionally well but she is humble and not in the least bit interested in blowing her own trumpet ( Love this woman just for that alone) . Anyhow less of the admiration and more about the Cakes . I was treated one by one, to some of the best Baking i have tasted this year - A truly brilliant , mouthwatering Lemon, Raspberry and Pomegranate Cheesecake . Every flavour was evident as you bit into the thin buttery base and then you were hit with the tangy lemon, raspberry mousse type filling and a wee burst of Pomegranate at the end. What made this even more exceptional for me was this was a gluten free cheesecake and baked !! I had Banana and Pecan loaf , Ginger and fruit punch scones , Raspberry and Chocolate Cake and raspberry Bakewell ( When you live in the Berry growing capital of the world then use the produce at every turn i say ! ) Anyhow i digress - The BEST Cheese scones i have ever tasted still exist at Ali,s Place and i can vouch for this today . Ali you are a truly fabulous , talented baker who doesnt know how good she is - Dont change a thing and i will be back next year singing your praises again. Remember folks - If they haven't got the Scottish Baking Award then its just not Great Baking !!

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