Leigh Smith Cakes ( Last Assessed 2016)

Today i was visiting a hobby Cake maker in Glenfarg near Perth who is breaking into the Market place with her Celebration Cakes from Home. Leigh started out experimenting with her own creations about a decade ago and learns most of her trade from fantastic old fashioned recipe books ( Just like myself ) Some of the books date back to pre-war and quite honestly those were the days when the recipes were the best . The market place then was not saturated by millions of would be Bakers/Novelists/celebrities trying to make a fast buck by producing a recipe book. It was genuinely easy , simple and non - expensive recipes by true professionals like Mary Berry and the Womens institute and even " Bero " that actually knew what they were talking about and the recipes worked . Anyhow i digress , it was great to see these books in Leighs repertoire . When i arrived at Leigh's Home i was greeted by one of the biggest dogs i have ever seen and then i cautiously entered once advised this was a gentle giant . Once my doorman was ushered into another room , i was met by a beautifully laid table fit for a king , just like a Victorian Tea party were my initial thoughts. The china was rolled out and the old fashioned serving cutlery didnt go unoticed either. Just lovely !. Sadly i am not a tea drinker or coffee drinker so Leigh's efforts were wasted on me ( But not the initial impression or effort that went in to this display ) . After a lengthy chinwag about the good old days and swapping recipe ideas we started on the feast in front of us. Leigh doesnt make or sell different types of Baking but concentrates on making and selling Celebration cakes as this is where her interest lies and i was so sad to have to cut into one of her lovely looking Madeira , fondant iced and decorated cakes . It was just as a Madeira cake should taste and was the perfect sponge for a decorated cake. Leigh is experimenting with her own flower decorations and these were truly magnificent too. I had a sample of her Rich fruit cake which she also uses for her Cakes and this was as moist as you can get - no peel which i dislike so it suited me down to the ground. A pavlova and some old fashioned macaroons along with some bite sized scones were also on display and it is evident that Leigh can bake . Anyone wondering if the Celebration cake looks and tastes good would not go far wrong with this lady . All the best in your new venture Leigh.

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