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Driving through Dumfries and Galloway today in horrific weather conditions was not the best experience i had had for assessments and especially not when the places i was supposed to be assessing were not up to much. After 3 hours driving there with no joy i decided to stop at the first place for some lunch -well thank goodness i did. Garden Wise Garden Centre is a huge very well run family owned Garden Centre with a self -service coffee shop at the back. Now usually with self -service you kind off know what you are going to get and dont have high expectations - but not this place. It was firstly packed full of people which is usually a good sign and the first thing to hit you is the huge display of HOMEMADE cakes all made on the premises. The Homemade Quiche was quite simply the fattest ,tastiest and lightest Quiche i have ever eaten and the crisp fresh salad and homemade coleslaw was just not expected - excellent.I had 3 x cakes . The Bannoffee cake,caramel shortcake and Chocolate biscuit slice - excellent homebaking and fresh that day . You have to give credit where credit is due and for the largest of Garden Centres to be producing this standard of food AND Homebaking is exceptional. Well done team and next time i will be back to look around the Huge Garden Centre.

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