Category specifications 2021

Category specifications 2021

Chocolate Category

Please bring one of the following (unless you are entering more than once of course in this category!)

Points will be awarded for:

Flavour and Texture Presentation Skills used ,execution and Creativity.
 All the items will be tasted, and not remain intact. Please have your name on a sticker on the bottom of the display dish/stand.  Bring a description of your entry to place beside it, and have an indication of which class it is for.
1 each of Gold ,Silver and Bronze Certificate is Awarded in this Category. 
National Newspapers and Social media exposure for winners.

Homebaking Category
Please bring any Pies or Homemade Tarts either individual or 1 x dozen pieces.
Pastry must be homemade and not shop bought.
Please bring appropriate display plates to maximize your entry and a name tag for each entry.
Please be aware your cakes will be sampled by both judges and the public.


Novelty / Cake Artistry

An iced decorated cake of any design with minimal use of RKT ( rice krispy treats ) tiered or carved and decorated with any edible medium.
Internal supports, amatures and boards can be used and must be made food safe by covering in foil if not already food safe. Floral wires can be used for flowers and foliage but must be attached into the cake with posy picks.
The cake board size should be 16 x 16 inches square or round but not exceeding and should be decorated with any edible medium and finished off with ribbon for presentation.
No dummies are allowed.
Cakes will be judged on skill , creativity and execution of design and taste.
This is an opportunity to showcase your skills and imagination without any boundaries.
All cake entries will be sampled by judges and by the public. 
Please bring display stands to showcase your entry to its advantage. 
Please bring a name card to sit beside your entry.
Vegan Category
All ingredients and decoration must be vegan. No animal products or animal derived products are permitted to be used, or ingredients which have been refined through animal by-products like bone char, egg or isinglass. No non-vegan E numbers.
Points awarded for taste, ingenuity, texture, presentation and overall skill
Classes: Please bring only one unless you are entering more than 1 in this category. 
·        Pastry (can be home-made, or shop bought) – sweet or savoury x12 individual pieces or one larger tart/pie, no bigger than 8-inch                            OR
·        Cake x12 individual pieces or one larger cake, no bigger than 8-inch, or loaf
·        Biscuit/Cookie x12 individual pieces
·        Traybake – cut into 12 individual pieces
·        Aquafaba (meringue/mousse/pavlova etc) x12 individual pieces or one large dessert, no bigger than 8-incH
·        Savoury Bakes (Scones, Muffins, Quiche etc – be as imaginative as you like) x12 individual pieces or one larger piece, no bigger than 8-inch
Please supply a list of ingredients, colours and E numbers two weeks before judging plus a list of such to be displayed next to your entry, along with your name.
Present your products as you wish, in your own style, with the use of display stands, slates, glassware all acceptable.

Speciality Baking category specifications.
The following items must either be Gluten Free, Sugar Free or Dairy free.
Please write a recipe card for each entry with exact ingredients. 
Bring any Pies or Homemade Tarts either individual or 1 x dozen pieces
Pastry must be homemade and not shop bought.
Homemade biscuits or Bars x 1 dozen pieces.
Homemade individual Sponges/Gateaux/pudding or 1 x dozen pieces
Individual Cakes must be no larger than 8 inch .
Homemade preserves/jams/pickles/honey or chutney .
Only 2 jars required from each type. Must be unopened. 
Homemade meringue /Pavlova.
Pavlova must not exceed 8 inch in diameter and can be as many tiers to a maximum of 8.
Any loaf of your choice ie Teabread, Gingerbread, Fruit etc.
2lb Loaf size only.
Homemade scones any flavour x 12 individual pieces. Sweet or savoury 
Please bring appropriate display plates to maximize your entry and a name tag for each entry.
Please be aware your cakes will be sampled by both judges and the public.
Bread Category specifications 
All bread with be judged on the following - 
  • Appearance 
  • Consistency of Bake and size
  • Crumb texture
  • Crust 
  • Flavour and aroma
  • Elasticity
  • Size of pockets/holes
Please bake 1 x loaf and 
A bakers dozen individual breads of your choice.
Breads can be savoury or sweet .
Pizza dough and topping acceptable 
Use of Sourdough acceptable
Non yeast breads acceptable.
Please be aware all breads will be sampled by judges and the public.
Patisserie Category
Please bring the following items with you to Mar Hall, unless you are entering more than one category.
- 2 plated desserts, both to be identical, including garnish or any sauces.
- Four portions of a patisserie item of your choice, different flavours may be used in each item, but they must be identical in shape and size. This may be displayed how you choose.
Special attention will be paid to taste, texture, colour, creativity and seasonality. 
Please provide a brief description of each item and which category your item is for. Ensure your name is on the base of your plate/stand. 
Remember, this is a chance for you to show your skill and ability as a professional pastry chef. National newspapers, social media and television exposure for winners. This category will be judged by award-winning chef and MasterChef: The Professionals Theodore Chana.
Sugarcraft Criteria
A decorative sugarcraft exhibit
‘All that Autumn brings...’
The idea of this class is to stretch your imagination and showcase your sugarcraft skills.
Interpret the title as you wish and produce a creative exhibit that is not intended for consumption
but is fully decorated with any edible medium that might be used in confectionary or sugarcraft.
Internal supports are permitted but no visible external supports or wires are allowed except
for wired sugar flowers and foliage.
Dummies are permitted.
Rice Krispie Treats (RKT) are permitted.
The Exhibit must fit within a 30cm x 30cm square with a maximum height of 50cm.
Posy picks need not be used for the attachment of floral elements as the piece is not
intended for consumption.
Exhibits must not be entered into any other competition or exhibition.
Hints & Tips
This class is about showing the art of  what is possible in confectionary terms, your
opportunity to really think outside the box
Pay attention to the overall design as well as to the finer details
No part of the exhibit can overhang the allowed area. Oversized exhibits will be disqualified.
Remember - your exhibit may be viewed from every angle.
You may take inspiration from movies, books, fashion etc, but we encourage you to use your
own creativity
You may leave a brief note about your exhibit e.g. the concept or inspiration (one or two
sentences only). 
Marks will take into account
Interpretation of the title – creativeness and originality
Overall impact of the design or concept – visual appeal and colour use
Techniques – degree of difficulty, number of skills used
Perfection and execution – quality of workmanship