Venachar Lochside ( Last Assessed 2012)

Venachar Lochside
Fk17 8HP
Tel ; 01877330011

Beautiful Sunday drive through Callander today and our first port of call was this Lochside location . An absolutely stunning view welcomes you to Venacher cafe. Run by Mark and partner Andrew a truly original experience is to be had.A great refreshing array of Homebaking all made on the premises by the self taught Mark . There was White Chocolate Ganache and Blueberry Tarts ,Huge Chocolate and Strawberry Cake, Homemade scones,Pistachio and Chocolate Muffins to name but a few . This place is licensed and open in the evenings and is well worth a drive for the menus on offer. The freshness of the baking and originality really stood out for me and the place had a young trendy feel to it ,but the LOCATION ...... You just have to see for yourselfs. Well done guys at Venacher

Mhor Bakery and Tearoom ( Last Assessed 2013)

 8 Main Street
FK17 8AY
Tel;01877 339518

Whilst driving through Callander today we passed this absolutely amazing Bakery- Mhor Bakery . In the window is every type of Sour Dough imaginable,Pancakes,Scones ,Savoury Breads ,Pies etc etc etc. Oooft i was in Heaven ,then on the inside i was definately in Heaven.The aroma coming from all the baked breads,pies,puddings,cakes etc was as i remember as a child when there was Bakeries in every second shop. Everything is baked in the Bakery at the back of this shop and huge trays of baked goods lined the serving counters teasing the waiting queue of customers. I purchased A Steak and Black pudding pie and a Homemade Bridie for starters and of course a Sour Dough along with the biggest fresh cream eclair ive ever seen and a Pear and frangipan tart and two caramel shortcakes. That was just for lunch !! Everything was excellent . Great when you find well run bakeries like this and the produce is excellent- well done Mhor Bakery.

Erincroft bakery ( Last Assessed 2010)

Erincroft bakery can be seen at farmers markets in central Scotland,Glasgow and the dunbartonshire area, but i first encountered Brian and Sue when i needed a baking stall for the Highland games in Helensburgh. The sheer quantity that Erincroft produce is exceptional from a normal house kitchen . Sue started Erincroft bakery only 4 years ago and has gone from strength to strength proving the market for quality Homebaking is getting stronger. All baking is handmade and no nasty packet mixes in sight. The scones and bread are definately worth a try and the prices are affordable. I have no hesitation in awarding Erincroft with the SHBA . Keep up the hard work !!

Erincroft ,
Brig o Turk,
Nr Callandar,

Baking with Melanie Andrews

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